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Company Registration

Why you should register your company.

A company is a separate legal entity from its owners and can be used to protect owners from liabilities. A company being a formal entity can help you open doors for tenders, loans, investors and international trade.

Our registration service includes:
Name Reservation:
Register a new Company takes less than seven (7) days with us. We will register your Company at CIPC in the quickest possible time frame. All you need to do is provide us with four proposed names and we will search the availability of your Preferred Company Name and Reserve a New Company Name for you.

Company Registration Certificate:
All your Cipc Documents (COR9.4 Name Reservation, COR14.1a Initial Director Details, COR14.3 Registration Certificate, COR15.1A Memorandum of Incorporation, CIPC Welcome Letter).

Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI):

One of the important documents that is needed to start a company is a Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOI ). This document will entitle you to a certificate that can serve as proof that you have registered your business. Please call us for Fees and Packages

Domain Registration

It has never been this easy to register a domain, just a blink of an eye you are guaranteed a domain for you brand.

Owning a domain is a 1st step of realization that it`s high time the world know about your existence of your organization and brand . There are various number of web addresses or domain spaces to select from e.g,, com, org, etc.

The cost of a domain will vary from one to another, being the least of them all, costing annually and .org being the supreme. Majority of South African organisation are choosing and the .com for their blogs.

To have your ideal domain registered, please contact us on 011 762 9205 or send us an email to and we will confirm the availability of your ideal domain and it`s cost.

This is not a binding contract but a month to month service, customer is entitled to cancel the service at any given time.

Website Design

Emxholweni (Pty) Ltd has years of experience in the website design industry. We design best website, our customers are guaranteed good value for their money. We understand a philosophy that says a customer is always right.

See our services
Website Blog Company Profile Unlimited website pages Company Logo Website Maintenance Hosting Services

This service does not have a fixed pricing, it all depend on the availability of the information from customer building to the completion of the website, the less time we spend in compiling the content for the website/blog, the cheaper it gets.
It’s the complexity of the website that will determine the cost, however, one could pay as little as R 1 800. Click here for more options.
A 50% deposit is essential prior commencing of a website design. Please click here to request a quote.

Hosting Services

We offer domain registration & hosting service for Blogging or Website that is either created within our platform or created elsewhere. We have vast of cost effective options to choose from particularly for hosting any domain (website or blog). Emxholweni operates from home, however, we do plenty of site visits to potentials and existing customers. Basically, we are more a mobile company.

Our hosting services guaranteed a server that never sleeps. We dedicate more time on quality than quantity hence we are known for cost effective processes.

Depending on the disk usage by a Blog or Website, hosting fee could be as low as R45 pm. Alternatively, make yearly payment and get 20% discount.

Business Email

Transform your business into a professional and safe organisation that every customer will be comfortable to do business with. Have a business domain registered and hosted at our platform, Mzansi Network Page. By a domain name we implying a company or brand name e.g. thus the email address could become and by hosting service we imply storing of the email data and then have it access via internet.

MNP provides unlimited email hosting service for your domain. The business email address has become one of the leading options of marketing services and a way of showing the true existence of the organisation and its` legitimate.

Advertising Space

We offer a space for summarize but detailed the business profile, list of products or services and as well as the contact details. Additional services include owning a personalize email address for a business or owning a full website for a business which will be linked to Mzansi Network Page.

To read more about requirements, go to terms & conditions page.