Under our organisation`s services you are guaranteed to be spoiled for choices when it comes to web design, property development and now event planning.

People are the most important thing in business, and Emxholweni Holding is quite aware of that hence we have committed to deliver quality products, no defects. We believe that one happily client equals to more new business deal.  

We have committed not only to see Emxholweni Holding grow bigger as an organisation, but we made commitment to climb a leader together with our client as they are there one who provide the next step anyway.

We are happy to announce that our two holding companies, Mzansi ‘Network’ Page and Asakhe 24/7 Eventscontinues to enjoy a rapidly growth hence we are getting stronger.

The two above mentioned companies understand very well that in order to be a true entrepreneur, one need dream, believe and execute.  Our main philosophy is that the one-time contact with a customer should inspire to more business interactions and meetings.

Website Design | Business Email | Company Reg | Advertising Space

Brief summary om our clients

We love to optimize and help others thrive, allow them time to focus on the core function of their business while we manage the marketing strategies.

To thrive and excel in today’s business and to have business competitive edge over competitors, connect to the world at large without limits. Get a website for your business today and let your business grow without you watching over it all the time.

All kinds of restrictions when it comes to promoting and selling your products or services to potential customers can slow down company`s growth, and you may end up losing competitive edge.

Visit Mzansi ‘Network’ Page for more details.

Property Development Coming Soon

Event Organiser

Brief summary om our clients
Professionalism is a culture we are consistently cultivating. We stand by a exceptional and excellent client service, and believe in bringing your dreams to life at an affordable cost.

Asakhe24/7Events operate around Gauteng at the moment but intend to expand the service to other provinces. Our Vision is to provide the finest yet elegant personalised decoration for every event. Unique flower arrangements- centre pieces, bridal flowers. Draping- ceiling draping, room draping. Table settings and themed decoration for your convenience.

Our mission is to turn every idea into a stunning reality through consultation process and to deliver exclusivity at affordable prices. Visit Asakhe 24/7 Events for more details.